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FL FOP District 3 Executive Board 2020 - 2022

Fraternal Order of Police - Florida State Lodge 71st Annual Conference TradeWinds Island Grand Beach resort 5500 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 October 5th - 10th, 2020

FOP District 3 held its caucus meeting on Friday, October 9th, 2020 at 1500 hrs. at the TradeWinds in St. Pete Beach. Nominations for District 3 Executive Board were held previously via. email and at the caucus meeting where the following members were nominated for the following offices and ran unopposed;

Paul Noeske, Director (Lodge 10) Mark Mitchell, Assistant Director (Lodge 29) Paul Blanchard Jr., Secretary (Lodge 33) James Preston, Treasurer (Lodge 27) CJ Messina, Chaplain (Lodge 43) Tom Porter, Immediate Past Director (Lodge 70)

Congratulations to the new Executive Board. I would like to thank our past Director, Tom Porter, Assistant Director, Leroy Black, and Chaplain Robert "Bodie" D' Andrea for their continuous dedicated service to the FOP and its members.

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