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FOPA of Pasco adopts a family for Christmas

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Once again the FOPA with the generosity of the Firefighters' Charity/James Lavine and FOP donations; we were able to Adopt a Family in need for Christmas. These Kids were also met by Santa Clause played by Charlie Ellison...HOHOHO and Deputies Peckham & Middleton. They were so excited to see us pull up, not sure if it was Santa or the Deputies that they were more excited about....LOL. What I do know is this will be a Christmas they will ALWAYS remember!

A note from the Mom.....

Good morning!

I am sorry I did not have a chance to send a picture yesterday, the kids went crazy with opening all the presents! I had to scramble to get pictures lol.

The picture of Randy with his sandals, he had said they were "sick" ( I geuss that means super cool lol), so I asked hime to show me in his face how sick they were.

Kaleb with his pajamas, he was pretending to sleep and smile at the same time.

The face Noah was making when he is holding up the Simon game is him focusing on how he is going to win playing against me!

Victoria loved the dog gun! She accidentally shot it inside. That was fun for the dogs lol!

Thank you all again, so very much for your amazing and overwhelming generosity! The kids had a day of heaven being drowned in toys, clothes and games! I think this Christmas will never be forgotten, or topped!!


Lyz, Rob, Victoria, Randy, Noah, Kaleb, and Joslyn!

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